One of our main objectives at Ross/Deckard Architects (R/DA) since establishment in 1996 has been to provide a thorough range of services to meet our client’s needs and to develop long term relationships. We can confidently state that the majority of our clients have been valued, long term clients that continually choose R/DA as their preferred design firm.


For us, a successful project is aesthetically appealing with low environmental impact, is carefully managed, and fosters a lasting relationship with the owner.


  • Design: Consideration is given to the site characteristics, any neighboring structures and creative use of building materials. Our experience guides us, but each project is treated uniquely, so that we can provide the best possible solution with an innovative design that will be as sustainable and “green” as the budget allows, yet still meet program needs and schedule requirements.


  • Project Management: We believe communication is a key, primary element between all project team members – our client, our staff, our consultants, review agencies, contractors – from planning and design thru construction completion.


  • Client Satisfaction: One of the major ways we develop long term relationships with our clients is to listen – carefully evaluating and understanding their needs. No matter the size of the project, the same attention to detail and process in developing solutions is similar. We take pride in our ability to thoroughly review all options and guide our clients and consultants through the planning, programming and design process as easily and efficiently as possible. We strive to provide the highest quality design in order to deliver a project of which the owner is thoroughly satisfied.